What is Oadby & Wigston Choice Based Lettings?

This website is where you will find available Council and Housing Association homes being offered for rental.

The Council isn't allowed to offer these vacancies to just anyone - like a Lettings Agent might - and as such you need to make a Housing Application, supply proof and evidence, be assessed and if successful receive your login details which will allow you to 'bid' on suitable homes.

Demand far outstrips supply which means that there are a raft of rules which outline how we prioritise competing applicants and how we decide ultimately who gets offered the home. The Housing Allocations Policy is to be found on the Council's website which goes into how we do this.

Have I got any chance of getting a home?

This depends on a range of factors including who else has 'bid' on the home - if you want to see how past vacancies were finally let then take a look at the feedback document - this information alongside your own banding and time in the band should give you an idea.

What do I need to get started?

Before you get started you will need

  • A local connection* such as a job in the borough or 2 years current residence
  • Proof of your identity 
  • Details of where you have lived for the past 6 years
  • Proof of your income
  • An e-mail address and access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer**

*see the Housing Allocations Policy for full details

**computers are available at most public libraries